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Helpful tips for applying online:

1) You are required to apply for Planning applications online. Start by clicking Create an Application link below. 
2) If you cannot find your application type below, click Administrative or Hearing type.
a) Click the Arrow in front of the application type.
b) Click Help “?” for application types or application description.
3) Most application types have required documents. Required documents must be attached before you apply. You can find required documents in the checklists here.
4) If you are applying for multiple applications, you can save applications in your cart and pay for them at the same time.
5) If you need assistance applying online, there are instructions under the ACA User Guides tab on this website.

Have questions?

Click here for application types/processes or contact the Planning Division at 208-884-5533.

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Record H-2019-0142


Record Status: Finaled

 A Written Certificate of Completion is required to be uploaded into the attachments section of this record prior to scheduling for a Final Inspection. If Final Inspection is requested without the proper requirements being completed, this could result in an reinspection fee.

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Applications not containing all required checklist items will be deemed incomplete. Incomplete applications will NOT be processed.

Upload all documents and drawings per the required checklist, as a single zip file with individual PDFs. Each checklist item must be named according to the naming convention on the applicable checklist.

A copy of the application checklist can be obtained at

The maximum file size allowed is 1024 MB.
ade; adp; bat; chm; cmd; com; cpl; exe; hta; htm; html; ins; isp; jar; js; jse; lib; lnk; mde; mht; mhtml; msc; msp; mst; php; pif; scr; sct; shb; sys; vb; vbe; vbs; vxd; wsc; wsf; wsh are disallowed file types to upload.

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